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Government of Andhra Pradesh has taken the social responsibility for the commuters, so a facility of A.P.S.R.T.C. has been launched to various areas, cities, and towns to provide facility of bus passes or free service for travelling for different commuters. In Annexure A, all the details regarding tariffs and issues are given. The category of passes are given in brief below.

Students Below 12 Years of Age

As provided by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh, all the students of age below 12 years from 01/02/1984 are provided with the facility of free passes of bus for travelling from home to school or college or return back by the Corporation whatever the institute government or private. No issue of whatever or how much the distance is for getting benefit of bus pass. In all the rural areas, cities, or towns, there is availability of this facility.

Eligibility: The institution or school shall be registered private or government. The birth date and bonafides of the students shall be certified through the institution head. Through the manager of the nearby depot, students will arrange the free route pass for travelling between school and residence.

Free Traval Bus Passes to Girl Studying upto Class x and Below

Andhra Pradesh Government has launched a facility of free bus passes for the girl students of age up to 18 years that should be studying in class X or below that vide the letter No.12540/Tr.III(2)/2000-1, dt.21.08.2000. The distance covered is up to 20 km using any ordinary service for travelling between school and residence in rural areas and it is about 22 km of distance in towns and cities.

Eligibility: In rural areas, the distance covered under this pass is about 20 kms for the girl students that are issued a free pass for the route covering the distance from school to residence and return back and in towns this distance is covering up; to 22 kms. The school head will give the certificate of birth date and bonafides for the students for those who are eligible for the free bus pass studying in private or government school.

Students of High Schools / Colleges

For the students of Junior colleges, Technical institutes, Higher Institute of Education up to the age of 12 years those are Central Government recognized, or Government of Andhra Pradesh recognized, privately recognized Institution having affiliation from the University of Andhra Pradesh are having different slabs for the passes to travel the particular distance through bus service on monthly basis. The travelling distance covered under this pass is about 35 km for the colleges or higher educational institutes and up to 20 kms for the students of high school.

Eligibility: All the colleges and schools, or technical institutes should be central government recognized. The nature of the course is of full time. The student should not be employed, nor he or she should have a fellowship or stipend receipt. All these schools and colleges should be affiliated to the Central Government University or State Government University through who have the power to conduct the certificates and examinations. To get a buss pass from the manager of the nearby Unit area, an application form from the Institution head shall be obtained by the students.

Physically Handicapped Bus Passes

For travelling free in the buses operating between towns and cities, a free travel pass is issued by the Government for deaf & dumb people, mentally retarded, or physically handicapped people, and blind persons for free travelling. About total of 50% of concession fee is charged for the persons those are physically handicapped in various rural areas. Also if they are accompanied by mentally retarded or blind people, there is facility of escort. A discount of 50% by buses of mofussil or Rs. 5 is charged to them for travelling in bus in cities on monthly basis.


• A Certificate is issued to the persons that are blind, deaf, dumb, mentally retarded or physically handicapped by the Board of District Medical.
• Here blind persons meant for those who totally lost their eyesight of both eyes.
• The person came under the category of IQ-69 or less than that meant to be the mentally retarded.
• The person with total of 40% or more than that disability is meant to be the orthopedically challenged.
• If there is a certificate issued by the medical officers, then the blind persons and mentally retarded persons will get escorted.
• The persons those having nonfunctional hearing and speaking are meant to be completely deaf and dumb. They do not be able to hear or listen or see anything.

Free Bus Passes to Youth Attending Interviews

The government agencies like Public Sector, DSC, and APPSC issued free passes for pick and drop facility for the youth by generating an interview for them and all the cost for this travelling will be reimburse by the Government Corporation.

Monthly Route Passes (Cities / Towns)

In the cities or towns like Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, commuters are getting service of route passes on daily basis that is monthly based and the service starting w.e.f. 01.04.2002. As from dated 01/06/2002, the cities like Hanumankonda and Warangal are also getting these facilities.

There are three slabs issued for these passes and that are 4 km, 8 km, and last 12 kms. At the normal fare, 20 days are fixed for the tariffs of these passes.

Eligibility: There is provision of monthly ticket for the general public in cities, towns, or rural areas. Total of one third of concession on normal fare will be charged for these holders that are valid up to 20 days for monthly journey.

Other bus services like Metro Deluxe, Ordinary city bus, and Metro Express will cost Rs.500/-, Rs.600/- and Rs.700/- per month for travelling in general. The persons carrying these passes are allowed to travel unrestrictedly.

Passes for Freedom Fighters

The Government of Andhra Pradesh and Central Government issued a bus pass for the persons that are above age of 65 years and for all the Freedom Fighters and retired that receiving pensions to travel in the cities, towns, or rural areas. All types of Corporation service benefited by the Freedom Fighters holding free pass to travel. The money claim is reimbursed by the Andhra Pradesh Government that is time to time based cost.

Employees' Childern

Also state Government issued pass for buses in cities, towns, or rural areas for travelling free for the students and children of employees of Corporation those are studying in various schools and colleges by getting total of 75% concession on the normal fare charged to other persons.